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REST API Method:Create

Create  alerts handlers




HTTP Method(s):


operation values: [">","<",">=","<=","="]
deliveryType values:

minCollectionTime : optional (default value is PT15M)

minCollectionPercent: optional(value from 0-100)
eventType: ["DELIVERY_RATE,DNSBL.Hit"]

email: email you want to receive the alert

sms: phone number you want to receive the alert

rate: numeric value from 0-100

deliveryRateCriteria: should only be provide for eventType DELIVERY_RATE

    Example JSON Data Element:

"deliveryRateCriteria": {
"deliveryType": "INBOX",
"minCollectionPercent": 0,
"minCollectionTime": "PT15M",
"operation": "<",
"rate": 44
"email": "jomifanu34448@gmail.com",
"eventType": "DELIVERY_RATE",
"handlerId": 18


JSON object with an array object of handlers. Each handler object has a defined alert setup with event type and alert type(email, webhook, SMS):

  • email: endpoint email will receive the alert
  • eventType: eventType configured for handler
  • handlerId: internal handler id
  • deliveryType: percentage of messages that were delivered to specified delivery type
  • operation: operation used to compute deliverytype value
  • rate: rate used to compute alert. 

          JSON example response :

















Error Codes:

400 - If the event type is invalid.